Civvio Warranty Promise

Civvio Warranty Promise

The Extended Warranty Period for Physical Goods purchased from Civvio is 12 months from the date of purchase.

Civvio active gear and accessories are affordable and made of high quality.

We believe that a person who enjoys being outdoors and active doesn't need to fork out their month's hard-earned salary to have quality sporting gear and accessories.

Our Civvio warranty promise is that a Civvio product can be replaced in less the 72 hours.  What does this warranty cover?

  • Covers any defects in materials used to manufacture your product
  • Covers any defects in workmanship under normal use
  • Covers any broken components under normal use
  • We will exchange or refund a product provided that:

    • If here is valid proof of purchase, i.e. tax invoice;

    • The company will replace the¬†product, at no cost, if the product is still under warranty

    • The product will be¬†replaced¬†with a new product

    • The price of product will be¬†refunded

    If you wish to return something that you purchased online or instore because the item you received is either damaged or not what you ordered, you can email with an image of the damaged area or incorrect product and request Civvio to replace \ the product in question.

    Civvio will send a courier at our own cost, and replace it with the correct product.

    What does this warranty not cover?

    • Damage of a product resulting from¬†negligence
    • Damage of a product resulting from unauthorized¬†modification¬†of the product
    • Damage caused by natural disaster
    • Theft or loss¬†of the product